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Thinking Ahead Campaign

Message from Co-chairs

The MNI is celebrated for its successful integration of research and clinical care. Throughout its history, MNI researchers and physicians have worked hand in hand to better understand the healthy nervous system, to uncover the mechanisms of diseases that afflict it, and to improve patients’ lives.

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Mr. D’Alessandro and Mr. Bougie
Research is the key to advances in medical care. Investment in the MNI supports the research we do today to help us build the solutions we want and expect for tomorrow.

The MNI is a world leader in neuroscience and is uniquely positioned to build the future of medical science. Is there a better place to invest? You can make a difference. We need your support for the research and development in neuroscience that holds such great promise for the successful treatment, cure and prevention of neurological diseases.

Think ahead: The time is right; the talent is here; the MNI is the place to achieve this goal.

Dominic D’Alessandro
Jacques Bougie

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