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The Neuro Team

Eva Andermann, MD, PhD

Eva Andermann
Dr. Eva Andermann and her collaborators investigate genetic factors in epilepsy and in epilepsy syndromes, and also examine memory and attention in epilepsy patients and their relatives. With the help of Dr. François Dubeau, Dr. Frederick Andermann, Dr. Denis Melançon, and Dr. Donatella Tampieri, she plans a major genetic study of tubersclerosis mutations. She will also examine corticoid displasias to determine whether they could result from mutations of the tubersclerosis genes. She will try to discover the genes involved in various neuronal migration disorders and in Batten disease (neuronal ceroid lipfuceinoses). Dr. Andermann also provides genetic counselling to families with epileptic disorders, and has studied teratogenic effects of anti-epileptic drugs, work showing that folate supplements given before pregnancy help to prevent birth defects. With Dr. Gabriel Leonard she is studying the neuro-psychological development of school-age children of epileptic mothers.

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