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The Neuro Team

Jean-Paul Soucy, MD, Director, PET Unit

JP Soucy
Jean-Paul Soucy, MD, M.Sc., is Unit Director, Positron Emission Tomography. A physician whose primary training is in nuclear medicine, Dr. Soucy has expertise in the human applications of methods for the measurement of cerebral blood flow with SPECT, which he uses both clinically and in different research settings (including absolute quantification of cerebral blood flow). He has worked on approaches to quantify monoaminergic innervations in vitro with the goal of transferring these approaches to in vivo applications using PET. He is working on quantification of cholinergic systems using a PET ligand of the vesicular transporter for that transmitter. He is also involved in different projects applying signal enhancement techniques to nuclear-medicine-based neuroimaging.

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