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The Neuro Team

Amit Bar-Or, MD

Amit Bar-Or
Dr. Amit Bar-Or, a neurologist and neuro-immunologist, conducts laboratory research directed at understanding principles of immune regulation including B cell, T cell and APC interactions, and how these might relate to inflammatory neurological diseases, primarily multiple sclerosis. A strong interface with neuroscience laboratories provides opportunities to investigate principles of immune-neural interactions and their relevance to CNS injury, repair and regeneration. Dr Bar-Or coordinates several multi-center research studies in multiple sclerosis including, a CIHR new emerging team (NET) in autoimmunity that studies similarities and differences in pathophysiology of different human autoimmune diseases in children and adults.

Another focus of Dr. Bar-Or's research relates to the investigation of novel therapeutics for multiple sclerosis and to the development and application of biological assays to monitor the disease process and to evaluate response to treatment. He is Coordinator of the MNI’s Clinical Research Unit, and established and directs the Experimental Therapeutics Program (ETP). The ETP’s mission is to enhance translational activities by helping to bridge basic research in neurobiology and immunology with human studies of neurological and neuro-immune diseases. The ETP emphasizes development and application of novel biological assays with respect to clinical trials of experimental therapeutics. This approach provides a unique opportunity to gain insights into disease mechanisms and to develop biomarkers of response to therapy, while also evaluating the safety and efficacy of novel therapies.

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