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The Neuro Team

Stefano Stifani PhD

Stephano Stifani
Research in the laboratory of Dr. Stefano Stifani aims at elucidating the events that regulate the generation of nerve cells from pluripotent neural stem/progenitor cells. They seek to clarify the mechanisms that control normal mammalian nervous system development in order to better understand a) neural diseases that are at least in part caused by perturbations of developmental processes, and b) how to promote neural regeneration and repair in response to disease or trauma.

More specifically, Dr. Stifani's investigations are aimed at characterizing the mechanisms that regulate:

1) neuron and glial cell differentiation from undifferentiated, pluripotent neural stem/progenitor cells;

2) neuron subtype development and function.

To achieve their goals, they have focused on the forebrain (i.e., telencephalon) and spinal cord as experimental model systems. Their studies employ a combination of i) in vivo genetic approaches using knock-out or transgenic mice, ii) in vivo assays in genetically manipulated chick embryos, iii) in vitro proliferation and differentiation assays using primary cultures of mouse neural progenitor/stem cells, and iv) biochemical investigations.

Dr. Stifani hopes that his studies will clarify events that underlie neural cell birth, development and function in the mammalian nervous system. Improved knowledge of those mechanisms will suggest strategies to manipulate the differentiation potential of multipotent neural stem/progenitor cells and/or promote the specification/survival of selected neuronal lineages. These strategies may facilitate the design of approaches to promote the repair of the adult nervous system in response to trauma or disease.

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