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Patients and visitors

Frequently Asked Question

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

For more information, see the Patient Handbook at
or information for patients, families and visitors at

Do I need a doctor's referral to be treated at the hospital?
Yes, you need a referral to be seen at the Montreal Neurological Hospital. To make an appointment, you must have a referral from a family physician, a general practitioner, or a physician at a CLSC or medical clinic.

Do I need a hospital card?
Before seeing a physician, outpatients must obtain a hospital card from the Registration Office, Room 167. Telephone: 514-398-0387

How is a patient admitted to the hospital?
Patients will be notified by their physician about their admission date as far in advance as possible and may be seen at the Pre-admission Clinic before their hospital stay. Patients arriving for a hospital stay must register at the Admission Office, Room 165C. Telephone: 514-398-1900

When are visiting hours?
Recognizing the importance of visitors, the hospital has flexible visiting hours. On occasion, medical staff may limit visits in the interest of the patient.

Are there family waiting rooms?
Yes, family waiting rooms are on the third and fourth floors: Rooms 346, 438 North, 445 and 486. These rooms are furnished for comfort; some have TV sets and kitchenettes.

How do I inquire about a patient's condition?
Families may call the nurses’ station day or night to inquire about a patient’s condition. Patient information is confidential so it will be given only to the immediate family. Families are asked to appoint one person who will make the inquiry and share information with others. To reach the nurses’ stations, call 514-398-6644.

How do I send mail or gifts to a patient?
Correspondence, gifts or flowers may be sent to the patient’s room. To get the room number, call 514-398-1900 and use this address:

Patient's name
Montreal Neurological Hospital
Floor and room number
3801 University Street
Montreal, Quebec H3A 2B4 Canada

What kind of rooms does the hospital have?
Patients may choose a multi-bed ward, a semi-private room (two beds in the room) or a private room. Patients will be charged a fee for a semi-private or private room, and before their hospital stay must make a deposit for the fee or show proof of medical insurance to cover it.

Are there accommodations for family members?
Yes, one family member may arrange to stay overnight on a cot in the patient's room. For those who prefer other arrangements, information about overnight accommodations in Montreal is available from the Social Services Department at 514-398-1916 or the Neuro-Patient Resource Centre at 514-398-5358.

What does the hospital charge for services?
Canadian residents who have a valid provincial Medicare card are covered for all hospital services, professional fees and outpatient treatment but must pay a fee if they choose a semi-private or private room.

Foreign patients and Canadian residents who do not have a valid provincial Medicare card must pay all hospital charges and professional fees. Upon admission, they must make a deposit equal to one week's charges for hospital services. Following the hospital stay, they will receive a bill for professional fees.

Where do I pay my hospital bill?
Payments may be made in person by cash or credit card at the Office of the Patients' Cashier at the Royal Victoria Hospital. You may make credit card payments by telephone.

Office hours: Monday to Friday 7:30 to 16:00
Telephone: 514-934-1934, extension 34627

How do I get a copy of my medical records?
Patients may obtain a copy of their medical records by sending a signed, written request by mail. Phone or e-mail requests are not accepted. Send requests to:

Medical Records
Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital
3801 University Street, Room 163
Montreal, Quebec H3A 2B4 Canada

Telephone: 514-398-1901

How can I get more information?
The Patient Handbook is available at or in print from the Neuro-Patient Resource Centre. Information about the McGill University Health Centre is available at

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