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Patients and visitors

Patients' Rights

Hospital staff strive to provide the best care for each patient but occasionally a patient is not satisfied. The Ombudsman will address patients’ concerns and help resolve any complaints. In Quebec, the Ombudsman is the only one allowed by law to respond to a patient’s complaint.
Telephone: 514-934-8306

The Montreal Neurological Hospital as part of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) is guided by the Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics reflects the values and beliefs of the hospital and its staff, and covers the guiding principals of mutual respect, privacy, promoting open communication, preserving confidentiality and access to health information, informed care and treatment decision making, access to health information, and providing care in a compassionate and responsible manner. Read our Code of Ethics.

Patients' Committee
Patients’ Committee volunteers greet newly hospitalized patients to answer any questions and visit them during their stay to provide friendly support. Committee members wear bright yellow coats and offer to help patients in many ways. Patients may also receive visits from Royal Victoria Hospital volunteers.
Telephone: 514-398-5358

See our Code of Ethics

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